Please note that this year we have 5 "tracks" you can follow if you wish.  They are listed across the top of the table below.  Beginners, Picture Books/YA MG, Professional Writers, Craft and Technique, and the Business of Writing.  If you select a particular track, all the presentations which take place in that room will be related to that topic.


Bullock Room              Picture Book morning/YA and MG afternoon
Brimhall Room   Advanced—Professional Writers Track
Young Card Room          Craft and Technique
2nd Floor—Special Events  Business of Writing
Keynote Speech  (Maryrose Wood)
First Pages  (Jessica Day George**, Lisa Mangum, Sharlee Glenn, Kristen Landon)
Lights, Camera, Action: Why Picture Book Writers Need to Think Like Screenwriters
               (Kristyn Crow)
When    Bad Things Happen to Good Writers  (Kim Williams Justesen)
Stealing Great Dialog from the Movies     (Clint Johnson**, Courtney Alameda, Mette Ivie Harrison)
Getting an Agent and Keeping One  (Scott Savage**, Matt Kirby, Jenn Johansson, Valynne Maetani, Jean Reagan, Maryrose Wood)
What I wish I'd Known  (Kristyn Crow**, Mette Ivie Harrison, Sharlee Glenn, Kim Williams Justesen, Jean Reagan, Maryrose Wood)
The Resurgence of Picture Books  (Alison Randall, Anne Bowen, Ann Cannon, Robert Neubecker, Julie Olson**, Becky Hall)
Contracts (Scott Savage**,  Dene Low)
World-building     (Clint Johnson**, Sara Larson, Courtney Alameda, Sara Raasch, Bree Despain)
What a Traditional Publisher Does For You  (Peggy Eddleman, Jessica Day George, Lisa Mangum**)
Dealing with Rejection (Valynne Maetani, Courtney Alameda**, Sara Raasch, Jenn Johansson)

Writing and Illustrating a Picture Book (Robert Neubecker**, Julie Olson)
Now You're a Professional Author . . .(Kristyn Crow**, Peggy Eddleman, Jean Reagan, Bobbie Pyron)
Writing a Satisfying Ending (Clint Johnson**, Sara Larson, Jessica Day George, Matt Kirby, Kim Williams Justesen)
Local Publishers (Dene Low, Lisa Mangum, Scott Savage**)
Joe Monti Lunch Speech
Cliches vs. Hooks          (Clint Johnson, Kristyn Crow**, Sharlee Glenn, Jean Reagan, Bobbie Pyron)
YA vs. MG       (Peggy Eddleman, Kristen Landon, Ann Cannon, Kristen Chandler**)
Writing to a Deadline (Jenn Johannson, Sara Raasch, Matt Kirby**, Shannon Hale)
Character Development (Sara Larson**, Jessica Day George, Courtney Alameda, Lisa Mangum)
Query Letters  (Scott Savage)
The Secret Formula for Getting Published      (Amy Finnegan)
YA and romance  (Lisa Mangum, Jenn Johansson, Kristen Chandler, Bree Despain**)
Managing Real Life and Writing  (Shannon Hale, Jessica Day George, Ann Cannon**, Maryrose Wood, Lisa Actor)
Pushing through the Mucky Middle   (Clint Johnson, Dene Low**, Wendy Toliver, Kim Williams Justesen)
How to deal with an editorial letter    (Peggy Eddleman, Sara Larson, Courtney Alameda**)
Writing Groups     (Jessica Day George, Lisa Mangum, Ken Baker, Valynne Maetani **, Bree Despain)
Trends in YA and MG     (Wendy Toliver**, Amy Finnegan, Courtney Alameda, Matt Kirby, Maryrose Wood)
21 Reasons You Think You Don't Have Time to Write   (Mette Ivie Harrison)
Outlines vs. Pantsing It: Let's Rumble  (Peggy Eddleman, Dene Low**, Clint Johnson, Shannon Hale, Bobbie Pyron, Lisa Actor)
Taxes for Writers  (Arlen Card)

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