Registration for our 2015 event is now open. You must complete both steps below to finalize your registration. We have four options for registration this year:

Option #1 ($66) Full-day registration includes:
* Entrance to all our author presentations and panel discussions
* A manuscript critique from one of our published authors. Authors will critique one page of your writing in a group setting. We will send an email in the weeks before the event to ask if you have an author preference for your critique group. However, please note that we cannot honor all requests and we will do our best to match you up with the best possible presenter. If you prefer not to be in a critique group, you may join a discussion group for a Q&A with one of our presenters.
* A free catered lunch
* An exclusive book signing

Option #2 ($80) Full-day registration + a private 20-minute critique includes:
* Everything in option #1 plus 20 minutes to discuss five pages of your manuscript privately with one of our presenters. These pages may be requested before the conference.

Option #3 ($85) Full-day registration + an agent pitch with one of our guest agents includes:
* Everything in option #1 plus five minutes to pitch an idea to either Ammi-Joan Paquette or Minju Chang

Option #4 ($99) Full-day registration + 20-minute critique + agent pitch includes:
* Everything in options 1, 2, and 3 above

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WE CANNOT OFFER REFUNDS...if you find yourself unable to attend the conference please consider your payment a charitable donation to our cause. You are helping put books in the hands of needy children. (You may give up your slot to a friend if you wish.) Thanks for your understanding! 


  1. Is it a requirement to have your manuscript completed to meet with the SAGA editor? Mine is only about halfway done, but it's a YA sci-fi and I'd love to be able to meet with him and get feedback about my query!

    1. That's fine. You can discuss your works in progress with him. But I'm sure he would like to see a sample of your least 1200 words of manuscript.

  2. I assume we will not meet with the authors for the full hour of the critique. How much time will we have with each author and will we find out which of our author picks we will be given before the day of the conference?

    1. Great questions. We cannot give you the name of the author you've been paired with until the morning of the conference. That's because we occasionally have an author who becomes ill, has an emergency, etc. and we have to shuffle people around. We'll do everything possible to get you one of the authors you requested. We're sure you'll find all of our authors very insightful and willing to help!

    2. Oh...and authors will divide up the time within their groups. You should get a nice chunk of one-on-one time with your author.

  3. I waited until the last minute to sign up for a critique and now it is closed. Can I sign up/pay in person tomorrow?

    1. lol! I just read the announcement again, and realized that my question was answered already. *sheepish grin* I'm glad to know I can do it in person tomorrow. I've been looking forward to this! :)

  4. Do you get to pick which agent you pitch, if you opt for that?